Silk Crystal ® Gold Powder   10g
Silk Crystal ® Gold Powder is an innovative natural loose silk powder made from pure Silk Crystal ® Gold complex. This works miracles protecting skin from environmental damage. Use luxury as your skin's bodyguard.

Directions :
Apply lightly to all over the face after lotion or cream to help control oily shine all day long.

Personal Recommendation :
It is 100% Natural Silk & Gold Powder! Absolutely 100% Real Silk and Pure Gold! It does not contain any other inorganic or artificial powders such as Talc, Titanium dioxide, Zinc Oxide, or Silicone which are commonly used in other powder products. We can use immediately after sunscreen or moisturizer of your choice. It protects us against UV rays, modulate moisture, absorb excess oil & sebum and most importantly it is an antioxidant for anti-ageing (see below). It is suitable for everyone including babies.

This is another breakthrough in technology by FINECO. FINECO developed an innovative and exclusive Silk Crystal-Nano Gold Powder by joining nano-sized gold particles with Silk Crystal ® which is proven to be highly compatible with skin cells and provides several benefits of both silk and gold.

Research has proven that FINECO’s Silk Crystal-Nano Gold Complex reduces the level of free radicals in the skin that cause cell damage and ageing. It has a powerful antioxidant effect, removing free radicals that occurred from stress, exposure to UV light which causes pimples and freckles and subsequently generating wrinkles. With frequent use+ , it improves fine lines, wrinkles and age spots

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