Jasu - Dan   80g
Jasu-Dan is a face-washing soap bar that is produced by concentrating and solidifying many natural ingredients efficacious for the prevention and improvement of various skin troubles. In order to respond to harmful factors such as dried skin, harmful oxygen free radicals and nutritional imbalances, we added Silk Crystal ® which gives outstanding moisturizing effects,natural Astaxanthin that removes harmful oxygen free radicals 1,000 times stronger than Tocopherol and 20-plus Asian medicinal herbal extracts with vegetable oil. Jasu-Dan contains several essential oils with comfortable aromas extracted from naturally growing herbs in remote mountainous areas of Gangwon Province in Korea, which smells like the beautiful, yet faint fragrance of nature.

Personal Recommendation :
I use this every morning. The sweet natural fragrance wakes me up without drying my skin. It should be used after Skin Purify Cleansing Toner or Extra Gentle Cleansing Lotion if you put on made up. Create a lather and apply it gently on your face .

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