Intensive Whitening Serum   25ml
Intensive Whitening Serum contains skin-lightening ingredients encapsulated by multi emulsification (WOW) technology that easily penetrates the surface reaching the inner layers of skin. It reduces the appearance of age spots and freckles and produces a more fair skin tone by inhibiting activitiy of tyrosinase which triggers the synthesis of melanin in the skin.

Directions :
After using toner, apply serum using fingertips in a circular motion over face and neck. For better results cover face with a Silk Tightening Mask for 20-30minutes.

Personal Recommendation :
Suitable to use with Silk Vita Whites. As most skin will get new spots daily due to ageing and sun exposures. It is important to use skin lightening serum daily to put down new spots and lighten existing ones.

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