Intensive Restore Solution (IRS)  10ml
Innovative Potent Silk Serum for Anti-Aging and Skin Brightening with a 100% Natural Formula, Intensive Restore Solution IRS

Skin Brightening IRS Delivers potent natural antioxidants into the skin where pigment production takes place. It increases the cell-turnover rate and produces a fairer skin tones by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase which triggers the synthesis of melanin in the skin.

Anti Wrinkle and Anti-Acne IRS reduces the appearance of fine lines and restores damaged skin to its previous glory while increasing cell renewal in the epidermis and rebuilding basic collagen against aging process. This potent natural antioxidant contains Silk Crystal ® and pure Vitamin C stimulating cell regeneration and combating the harmful effects of toxic free radicals formed by the oxidation of oil and sun exposures, as well as soothing the irritation of inflamed acne.

Moisturizing and Smoothing Thanks to the unique characteristics of Silk Crystal ® IRS gives instant absorption, long lasting moisture retention without greasiness, a light and refreshing sensation, as well as making the skin naturally silky, smooth and elastic.

Intensive Restore Solution (IRS) formula is composed of mainly of highly concentrated natural antioxidants from herbs, pure Vitamin C and Silk Crystal ® which is a new innovative biomaterial developed by FINECO's unique Biotechnology, that has been proven highly effective in promoting collagen production, anti-aging and skin-brightening. The micro pored structure of Silk Crystal ® results in long-lasting moisture retention, stabilizing sensitive herbal antioxidents and gives a beautifully silky texture to the skin. IRS does not contain any petroleum based chemical ingredients , mineral oil, silicone, chemical fragrance or coloring agents. IRS does not contain Parabens or other synthetic chemical preservatives.

Directions :
  1. Mix together before use.
    - Press down the top button of the bottle to the end, pat the side of cap lightly to dropping powder, then shake 10 seconds until powder is dissolved perfectly.
    - Replace powder cap with dropper on bottle and close firmly. Store in refrigerator after opening.
  2. Cleanse face and neck, pat dry.
  3. Squeeze out full drop or more in the dropper provided on the palm of your hand. Using fingers, apply all over face and neck. Avoid getting too close to the eyes.
  4. Gently massage into targeted skin area. You may feel a tingling sensation – this indicates the product is reacting with the skin surface and is absorbing properly.
  5. Follow with any moisturizers or serum of your choice.

Personal Recommendation :
This is the best of the La Soie entire skincare range. It is able to achieve the above effects as stipulated above in a way that is not harmful to our body. It can be used daily day and night or as and when u wish to nourish your skin for a period. It works beautifully with Silk Tightening Mask. Relax at the comfort of your home. You will be pleasantly surprised !

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