Silk Based All Natural Skin Care Line

La Soie Silk Crystal ®

Love Natural is started with a passion to share the all natural skincare to people to safeguard their health. The dangers of chemicals should not be ignored. It is a privilege to start this journey to share with friends and loved ones. Use it and You will Love it !

Why La Soie Silk Crystal ®

  • Products are certified by a strict German Accreditation to be 100% All Natural . Ultra safe and free of harmful chemicals
    • Free of Alcohol
    • Free of Paraben or other Synthetic Preservatives
    • Free of Mineral Oil
    • Free of Silicone
    • Free of Propylene Glycol
    • Free of Synthesized Chemical Fragrances
    • Free of Synthesized Chemical Colouring Agents

  • All Natural is essential to vibrant health because it is known that substances sprayed or rubbed into our skin can be absorbed and travel straight into our bloodstream. That is why orthodox medicine uses various cream or patches to deliver substances mostly painkillers into our bloodstream to achieve certain results.
    Additionally substances absorbed through the skin by passes the body's normal metabolic system and doesnt get broken down or neutralized including carcinogenic substances. There is a saying "If you wouldnt eat or drink it, don't put it on your skin or lips!"

  • La Soie is different from organics ! Even organic sources require chemicals surfectant to mix oil and water and to preserve it (ie keep it out of fridge). However, Silk Crystal the based ingredients of all La Soie Products can do it naturally without the use of additives. They are compatible to our skin and have the natural unique properties discovered by Recent Science that are
    • Antioxident Effect
    • Anti Bacteria
    • Anti Inflammation
    • Promotes Collagen Formation
    • Promotes Regeneration Skin Cell
    • Absorbs UV rays
    • Modulates Moisture

  • La Soie Products is invented 5 years ago through an enzyme technology that is able to produce silk proteins retaining maximum nutrients for our skin. It is a patented technology and only FineCo' s the manufacturer of La Soie Brand is able to capitalise on it.