Extra Gentle Cleansing Lotion   200ml
An ultra-gentle wipe-off lotion with a unique cleansing action combining Silk Crystal ® and botanical extracts. Use this extra gentle cleanser for a quick and easy removal of makeup and impurities, to leave your pores clean without irritating sensitive skin.

Directions :
Apply Cleansing Lotion to face and neck in a circular motion and wipe gently over face and neck. Remove completely with a clean wet washcloth, then rinse well with lukewarm water. Follow with White Deep Cleansing Foam.

Personal Recommendation :
This make-up remover gives an excellent Hydrating Feel! It is ideal for people who want a moist sensation on their skin in their first line of basic care. After application, proceed to use White Deep Cleansing Form or Jasu Dan Cleanser Bar to complete the cleansing procedure. Great skin starts wtih proper cleansing! Cleansing stimulates circulation and prepares the skin to receive nutrients. It is the first line of defence against skin damage and skin ageing.

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