Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema Care

Scientifcally Proven Silk Crystal Natural AD Cream & Lotion

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a chronic skin diseases that causes areas of red, itchy skin. This condition usually starts in early childhood, especially when there is a family history of atopy (asthma , hay fever, conjunctivitis or food allergies) The skin fails to hold in moisture, becomes very dry, then inflamed ,itchy, and often infected. Allergies leading to an overactive immune system and hereditary dry skin are the most prominent internal and external factors.

Scientifically proven Silk Crystal ® Natural AD Cream & Lotion are safe and innovative skin care products for babies, kids and adults with skin disorder like itchy rash, chronic inflammation and eczema.

Silk Crystal ® Natural AD Cream & Lotion are multi-functional products formulated by a combination of natural immuno-modulator from silk for suppressing hyper-sensitive immune response without side effects and natural moisturizing agents containing essential epidermal lipids for preventing dryness of skin by restoring healthy skin barrier function.

Why are Silk Crystal ® Natural AD Cream & Lotion so effective to Atopic Dermatitis?

The main active ingredient, Silk Crystal ® PEPE is a natural immuno-modulating peptide that regulates expression of cytokines involved in inflammatory reactions. It effectively suppresses the symptoms of atopic dermatitis

Silk Crystal ® Natural AD Cream & Lotion contain a sophisticated delivery system, named SLP (Solid Lipid Particle) which is encapsulated bio-complex produced by blending of natural ceramides, free fatty acids silk peptide and natural plant extracts with anti-inflammatory function. Thanks to this unqiue delivery system, active ingredients can be easily delivered to the surface reaching the inner layers of skin and the damaged skin's own water barrier system is repaired.

Silk Crystal ® as a base ingredient for long moisture retention keeps the skin always moist and smooth by forming thin protecting layer on the surface of dry skin. Added essential oils and precious natural extracts help to reduce the pain from itching and protect sensitive skin. Efficacy in relieving the symptoms of atopic dermatitis has been demonstrated in controlled studies.

Personal Recommendation :
Natural AD Cream is meant for chronic eczema care and Natural AD Lotion is suitable for acute eczema care. My recommendation would be to use Natural AD cream on serious parts of the body and Natural AD Lotion on overall parts of the body. Say NO to Steriods ! Safeguard your Health Today!
Silk Crystal ® Natural AD Cream Silk Crystal ® Natural AD Lotion