Clear Spots Serum   10ml
Clear Spots Serum is a blend of the most effective skin lighteners, It is an intensive multiple treatment against Freckles. It combines active ingredients that work to fade the dark spots and to help delay future hyperpigmentation. It contains APPS and Alpha Lipoic Acid that work to block the melanin production, Salicylic Acid and Retinol to remove the dark spots left over from past breakouts, and Licorice extract to reduce the appearance of skin discoloration.

Directions :
After using toner and lotion , apply clear spot serum to the area with dark spots or freckles. Pat for better absorption . Use a sunscreen to the area during the daytime. Only for night use.

Personal Recommendation :
Personally I have skin that easily gets spots after exposure to sun and due to ageing process. After using clear spots, I experience controlled in spots formation. New spots are not easily formed. However aged spot only lightened and not eliminated. To help removal in old aged spots, suggest using clear spots serum with tightening mask. This is the official recommended method from the manufacturer.

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